Future Plans

The future plan for the next two years are:

1. Erecting more number of Basic Life Support devices such as AED

2. Procuring Mannequins

3. Imparting Training to Public by our team of Doctors

4. Setting up more free medical camps

5. Presentation of pictorials or charts

6. Helping economically poor, deserving patients suffering cardio vascular diseases

7. Creating awareness on diabetes

8. Monthly messaging campaign

9. Promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle

10. Procuring more instruments, chemicals, consumables etc.

11. Heart Healthy Schools

12. College Outreach

13. ‘Go Red For Women’ (Red Alert)

Erecting more number of Basic Life Support devices such as AED

While delivering a lecture at the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong, former President of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam collapsed from an apparent cardiac arrest on 27th July 2015. Unfortunately, no basic life saving devices such as AED  facility was available in the venue to try to resurrect him immediately. Ironically he was a supporter of Indian Heart Association!  Keeping such incidents in mind, the AHF has planned to install AED facility in more places and also in adjacent districts.

Procuring Mannequins

Demonstration of life saving device AED is not possible without mannequins which are cost worthy in the market. It is planned to buy more mannequins in the future.

Imparting Training to Public by our team of Doctors

It is planned to give more trainings to laymen such as bus drivers, conductors, auto rickshaw drivers and also to police personnel about ACLS, CPR, BLS, AED.

Setting up more free medical camps

 Our previous years’ experience with free medical camps has clearly demonstrated the need for conducting at least one or two free medical camps in a month. Conducting a medical camp incurs huge expense.

Presentation of pictorials or charts

In order to create awareness among the public, pictorials and charts related to cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, importance of basic life supporting devices such as AED will be made available in public places such as malls, railway station, bus stands, airport, schools, colleges, software companies etc.

Helping economically poor, deserving patients suffering from cardio vascular diseases

Compared to other ailments, treatment for cardio vascular diseases in India is expensive; not everyone can afford. Hence it is planned to help economically the extremely poverty stricken patients to undergo treatment free of cost.

Awareness on diabetes

High sugar level can eventually block blood flow to the heart or brain, leading to heart attack or stroke. Hence creating awareness on diabetes, is equally important. Special approaches, camps and campaigns will be made to create this.

Monthly messaging campaign

Monthly messaging campaign will be undertaken for effective dissemination and promotion of key cardiovascular disease prevention, evidence-based practices and resources that prevent and control heart disease, stroke and related ailments.

Promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle

We can reduce heart disease by promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle, so the Active Heart Foundation has a new goal: By 2022, to improve the cardiovascular health of all Maduraites by 20 percent while reducing deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke by 20 percent.

Procuring more instruments, chemicals, consumables etc.

In order to conduct medical camps on a regular basis, procurement of various instruments, chemicals, medicines and related consumables are imperative.

Heart Healthy Schools

Heart Healthy Schools will be an initiative of the Active Heart Foundation aiming at improving the school environment to support and promote healthy lifestyle choices, for children and youth.  The Heart Healthy Schools programme will provide schools with tools and resources to help influence, improve, and instil health behaviours for the entire school population.

College Outreach

Innumerable number of varied educational institutions with 0.1 million student strength exists in and around Madurai. But neither a formal training was given nor awareness was created among them regarding this killer disease. Hence it is a virgin fertile land in which the AHF has planned to seed information on cardio vascular diseases and impart training and create awareness.

‘Go Red For Women’ (Red Alert)

To dispel the myths and raise awareness of heart disease and stroke as the number one killer of women, the American Heart Association created ‘Go Red For Women’, a passionate, emotional, social initiative designed to empower women to take charge of their heart health. The A.H.F has decided to coopt with the American Heart Association and will organize following activities to empower women with the knowledge and tools to take care of their hearts:

1. Sports activities (runs and walks).

2. ‘Healthy Heart’ talks in malls.

3. Healthy cooking shows.

4. Sending Email and production of DVD.

5. Activities to celebrate on Women’s Day.

6. Promotion through social media and website.

7. Presentation and talks with heart disease survivors.

8. Partnership with a healthcare provider to provide free or low-cost cardiac screening to women from slums.

9. Publication of ‘Women and Heart Disease’ pamphlets.

10. Organizing ‘Healthy Heart Challenge’ to encourage women to improve their heart health.

11. Healthy heart blood tests to check BMI, sugar level and cholesterol.

12. Promotion in the press.

13. Programmes and activities to reach women in rural areas.